About Sousan Ettehad

Sousan Ettehad was born at 1962 in Abadan,Iran.

She began paintig with Ms. Zoya Sadri and Mr. Mahmoud Meraji in 1982 and started her academic education ;studing in Bachelor of painting at University of AL-Zahra.She completed her study in Master of Art Research in Tehran Art University on 1999; 

while training for advanced painting in Mr. Gholamhossein Nami atelier. She found Ms. Maryam Mahin art classes in 2000 and continued to improve her academic knowledge at her atelier until 2012.

At 2000, she was invited and joined to teach in Islamic Azad University and Science and Culture University as visiting instructor and her research "Symbols in Iranian Paintings" was published by Iran Art Journal.

Also, her paintings have been published in various books like IRANICA, Iranian Professional Women Encyclopedia, Colors and Motifs, The Color of Kindness, and Zurvanian Ceremony in Ancient Iran. 

In three decade of her artistic career, Sousan Ettehad has participated in more than 20 group and 3 solo exhibitions. About her painting subjects, she says: "My subjects mainly express a personal feeling or transfer a specific concept; either I am painting a Sama ceremony, a figure, a myth or even a doll on my canvas."


It is a strange world, the world of motifs.

As if I have entered another world, when I took the pen in my hand. A world full of conversation, the conversation between me and the white surface. Pen moves steady on the surface and there is no me anymore. It starts dancing on the infinite waves of paper or canvas as pen is the leader. In this situation, various topics are merely excuses to express the inner feelings.  Sometimes it is a green nature or a still life, a myths or dolls and plush toys or …

All of these visual elements passing through me - the painter - and transforming to excuses for expressing loneliness, love, sadness, hatred, … and of course the motherhood feelings that have been my inspiration in most of my works in the last 10 years.

 It seems bearing and nurturing her created an evolution in my works and of course before that on my feelings which the result is clear in my last decade artworks. It seems up until then, I did not know myself; my most complex and contradictory feelings have been decoded after her and nothing has been vague and meaningless anymore.

 It is a strange world, the world of motifs; a world full of wonders and miracles.

Solo Exhibitions

2014 Tree Art Gallery Karaj - Iran

2010 Mahjoubi Gallery - ‪Ashiyan Naghsh-o-Mehr Tehran - Iran

1994 Vali Art Gallery Tehran - Iran


Group Exhibitions

2013 Persbook Website Tehran - Iran

2009 Iranian Center for International Conferences Tehran - Iran

2007 Silak Art Gallery Tehran - Iran

2005 Sabalan Art Gallery Tehran - Iran

2004 Mani Art Gallery Tehran - Iran

2003 Art Cultural center Tehran - Iran

2003 Abkar Museum - Saadabad Historical and Cultural Center Tehran - Iran

2003 Sheikh Hadi Art Gallery Tehran - Iran

2001 Niavaran Cultural Center Tehran - Iran

2001 Saadabad Historical and Cultural Center Tehran - Iran

2001 Behzad Art Gallery Tehran - Iran

2000 Niavaran Cultural Center Tehran - Iran

2000 Amir Kabir Cultural Center Tehran - Iran

2000 7Samar Art Gallery Tehran - Iran

1995 Niavaran Cultural Center Tehran - Iran

1993 Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art Tehran - Iran